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Posted on May 8, 2017 by LEAPROS™ The LEAP Report®

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Job Market Perspective

The U.S. economy pumped the breaks on growth in the first quarter, although the Federal Reserve views the economic thawing as “transitory."  Some of the transitory forces contributing to the GDP slowdown include warm weather, volatility in inventories, and a temporary drop in household spending.  Economists from California State University Fullerton echoed this sentiment in their Spring 2017 Economic Forecast.  According to their Economic Outlook and Forecast, consumer and business confidence is currently at record levels.  This is being driven in part by improvement in fundamentals such as a strong labor market, higher disposable income, higher wealth, and improving wages.  To that end, the national and local Southern California economies are expected to rebound in the second quarter and gain momentum over the balance of the year.

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