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Candidate Resources

The I.T. and Engineering sectors are constantly being reshaped and transformed by regulation, evolving consumer demands, globalization, cyberattacks, innovations, and other economic and social forces. Few industries move at such a rapid pace and have to adapt to such rapid changes in order to survive. We stay on pace by moving quickly and using the latest technologies to identify and decipher optimal project and full-time opportunities that align with your technical skills and career goals. We differentiate ourselves from our peers by strategically linking you with employers who value their people and offer professional growth and development opportunities.

We Leap With You

At LEAPROS, we are laser-focused on your success and well-being, and our goal is to build long-term relationships anchored by our ethical principles and core values. We provide coaching services to make your I.T. and engineering career transition less stressful and more efficient, and focus on ensuring both you and the employer are well-matched for a mutually-satisfying and rewarding relationship. Our proprietary workforce solutions were designed to empower you to reach your goals and give you the confidence and assurance you need when taking a leap with a search partner.

Direct-Hire, Project, Consulting & Advisory Solutions 

We are continuously seeking I.T. and engineering professionals, executives, and contractors for full-time/contract positions and to help our clients with special projects, transition/stopgap measures and staff augmentation solutions. We thank you for placing your trust and confidence in LEAPROS and look forward to taking the leap with you! 

Our Service Offerings

We represent employment opportunities on a direct hire, project, and consulting basis, and utilize a proprietary business exchange through our W.I.N. program. We service all levels within the organization including executive, management, and technical staff. Whether you are seeking full-time employment, project work, or consulting engagements, we have the resources for you.