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Leapros offers boutique agency service with big agency reach. Our deep bench includes talented candidates across sectors and disciplines. From manpower planning for your next big project to executive search, our team is here for you.

The Challenge
for Hiring Teams

Identifying, recruiting, and hiring talented professionals is more challenging than ever. Candidate expectations are sky-high, competition for talent is fierce, and recruiters often overpromise and under-deliver. Have you experienced any of the following?

Big promises, lack of follow-through.

"Big box" recruiting firms might have a large database but tend to give time and attention to the most profitable clients. On the flip side, you may get attention from freelance recruiters, but their small networks have limited reach.

Mismatch in culture, values.

Lack of alignment between the values and goals of your company and new hires can lead to poor morale, reputation issues, and costly turnover.

Leapros does it differently.

  • Follow up and follow through! We give you the same attention from project start to placement perfection.
  • Values alignment. Our 4-step process, Culture Match, enables us to better align needs and goals.
  • Deep bench with national coverage. We've placed thousands of skilled tradespeople and professionals in more than 36 states.

Intrigued? Read more about our Culture Match process or schedule a 15-minute, no-pressure meeting with our recruiting experts. 

Four Steps to a Better Culture Match

We "LEAP" for clients for a more efficient and effective recruiting and hiring process.

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What are your organization's vision, mission, and values? Do you have a hiring plan in place to meet your goals?

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We pull together the experts on our team to identify candidates who have the necessary skills and qualifications to get the job done.

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Beyond the technical skills, what soft skills do successful employees possess? Do you need an emerging leader, a consistent performer, or an entrepreneurial mindset?

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Need assistance creating position descriptions, manpower planning, and/or interview preparation? We support you throughout the hiring cycle.

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