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The Problem
with Today's Job Search

Job Searching Frustration

Searching for a new role, regardless of your circumstances, is likely to provoke a variety of emotions from excitement to confusion and frustration. To make matters worse, there are literally thousands of job sites and recruiters making big promises without results.

Ghosting is the new normal.

Increasingly, job seekers are "ghosted" by recruiters and hiring managers, leaving them wondering if they're unqualified and feeling undervalued. 

Decisions by algorithms. 

When AI-based technologies are evaluating, accepting, or rejecting applications, only the most experienced, keyword-savvy candidates or resume writers get through.

Culture mismatch setbacks.

Lack of alignment between the values and goals of employees and their employers is demoralizing and unproductive, often leading to rapid turnover.

Leapros does it differently.

  • No ghosting! We let you know where you stand and offer guidance along the way.
  • No robots! Our staff review applicant resumes and shepherd them through the process.
  • No mystery! We know our employer clients well which means we can look for the right fit based on your needs.

Intrigued? Read more about our Culture Match process or schedule a 15-minute, no-pressure meeting with our recruiting experts. 

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Job Searching Frustration

Four Steps to a Better Culture Match

To find a great employment match for you, we take the time to learn about your skills and what's in important to you in a workplace.


What are your career goals and salary requirements? Are you looking for job stability or a big challenge?


Our employer relationships are built on trust and transparency, which enables us to identify better matches for you.


What inspires you in a workplace.  Need remote flexibility or prefer working on site? Prefer a large company or small company vibes?


From feedback on your application to preparation for an interview, our team makes sure you get the most out of your experience.

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