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Plan for Project Success

Meeting project budget and timelines is tough enough without worrying about the skills or professionalism of your contract manpower. When you work with us, you'll reduce risk and uncertainly for your next project with unparalleled support during the project.

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Niche Recruiters

Our expert recruiters know the trades and  have staffed nearly 500 projects across 39 states.  Our approach to staffing is driven by core values and effective long-term relationships.

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Deep Bench

We employ more than 1,500 field employees who have proven skills across the trades. Our support structure, including benefits and paid time off, means you get skilled professionals who are motivated to perform.

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Reduced Risk

Our collaboration and vetting process will help you reduce risk along the way. Lean on us to provide valuable insights and feedback before, during, and after your project.

Learn More About Our Process

The Leapros team is available for a brief, no-pressure meeting to discuss your project budget, timeline, and skills needs. Go into your next project with confidence.

HubSpot Video

Leapros president Brady Pittz explains our manpower planning process, including valuable insights into today's labor market.

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