The Leapros Advantage:
Great Matches, Great Benefits

We're dedicated to providing skilled tradespeople with great opportunities while delivering a comprehensive benefit package. 

Plus, we're continuously working to improve experiences for tradespeople by fostering relationships with top-notch employers who value employee skills and contributions.

Focus on Benefits
for Employees

Leapros directly employs more than 1,500 skilled tradespeople who are interested in finding great projects that match their skills, their location preferences, and their culture preferences.

Health Insurance

For our field employees, we offer health, dental, and vision insurance. We know that offering a robust plan with low premiums gives employees peace of mind and keeps more money in their pockets.

401K Match

We support employees' retirement goals by providing a 401K plan for all eligible employees.

Paid Sick Days

Providing employees with sick days helps ensure the well-being of our employees and promotes safer workplaces. Staff can rest easier knowing that they don't lose income when they miss a couple days due to illness.

More Perks

  • Spanish-speaking recruiters
  • Up to $750 per year in loyalty bonus when employees reach target hours working for us
  • Support during project or employment placements or reassignment  assistance when job matches are not a good match
  • Feedback process that aids in professional development and better working relationships
  • Fun company "swag"

Know your worth. We do!

Just because a project is temporary doesn't mean you should be treated like a "temp."
We value the years you've spent honing your craft and make sure our employer clients do, too. 


Your in-demand skills have earned you competitive pay and fair treatment, but that doesn't always translate to great treatment on site. When you work with Leapros, your skills are bolstered by our company's reputation and relationships.


Have you ever arrived at a job site, only to find that your role has changed or there's an unsafe environment? We're here to resolve any issues that arise that keep you from doing your job. Enlist the help of our team to get the most out of each job.


Without a team to "have your back," you're at the mercy of a company's project timelines (or lack thereof). With Leapros in your corner, you can avoid idle time and lost income opportunities. We'll help you navigate when and what to expect.

Meet Rob Monte, Expert Recruiter

Rob, like all of our employees,  is deeply knowledgeable and committed to providing extraordinary experiences for clients. As a long-term employee of Industrial Skilled Trades, now Leapros, Rob is ready to help you find your next opportunity.

Meet Our Team and Request a Meeting

Our skilled trades recruiting staff has more than 100 years of combined experience in a variety of sectors like heavy industrial, oil/gas, renewables, manufacturing, and more. 

If you prefer one of our Spanish speakers to get in touch, please check the Spanish selection.



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